behind the name

In Hawai’i, locals use the phrase “Broke Da Mout” to describe food so good, one hardly has time to chew. The saying evolves on our journey from the Hawaiian home to BROKEN MOUTH in Los Angeles.

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about us

BROKEN MOUTH is an original Mom & Pop food concept founded by husband-and-wife team Tim and Louise Lee. The pair are brought together by their shared love for food and family. From the fondest memories of childhood spent around the dinner table, we bring homestyle food of Hawai'i to Downtown Los Angeles. Our guests dining with us are invited to catch a glimpse into our home with the belief that food is a universal language, breaking boundaries across all cultures.

mama & papa lee: our story

It’s a story of boy meets girl.

Tim and Louise’s love story begins when they met working side-by-side in the bustling restaurants of Los Angeles. That same dynamic is continued here at their very own BROKEN MOUTH. Korean by blood, Hawaiian at heart—our local Kaimuki boy, Chef Lee, was born and raised on the island of Oahu. In a leap of faith, Tim relocated to the Mainland. In that same spirit, the couple decided to throw caution to the wind and leave their corporate restaurant management jobs behind. They joined forces and gave life to an eatery of their own. Hailing from the city of Los Angeles, Louise brings an undeniable LA swagger to the charming local vibes represented at BROKEN MOUTH while staying true in paying homage to the roots of Hawai’i.